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YouTube Channel: Finanical Commentary

Written by Brandan Chasteen
May 18, 2022

Episode 1: Becoming a Financial Planning Client

Harpeth Wealth Partners Youtube Channel

Episode 1: Description

We are providing a 10,000-foot view of what it ultimately looks like to become a client with Harpeth Wealth Partners… but before we get to that… we want to educate you on a few things…
  • What is Financial Planning?
  • What are things people work on with a Financial Planner?
  • Some questions and considerations when working with a Financial Planner?
  • What we specifically think is a ‘best’ order of operations for assigning your army of dollars specific jobs… and what those are… In other words, Harpeth Wealth Partners’ planning considerations and planning philosophy, generally speaking.
After covering all that, we do jump into speaking about our process from the first conversations through the life of the relationship when we work with our clients at Harpeth Wealth Partners. We hope you enjoy it. There is a lot of content in this episode but future content will cover more in-depth many of these topics! We look forward to this educational journey with the goal of helping you better your understanding of money and your financial health.

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