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Monitoring Financial Vital Signs

A Financial Planning tool that Monitors You!

We have been taught that Financial Planning should be based on assumption after assumption, confusing charts, past investment performance, guesses about the market’s future based on a clip of the past, and the same about the economy.

Of Course, We Have Anxiety About Money!!!

What if we could remove many of those dangerous assumptions? What if we also started to consider the most critical piece that is so largely ignored in traditional planning? YOU!


This Began With 3 Basic Questions:

  1. What if, through monitoring your financial vital signs, we could easily and readily answer some of the most important questions surrounding your current state of financial health?
  2. What if financial planning, advice, and tailored education were finally understandable and you could be confident you are heading in the right direction?
  3. What if all that was possible was based on facts and not assumptions?

What if these financial vital signs, coupled with a planning process, could deliver short-term, understandable, and actionable steps to take to move the needle to accomplish your goal… what if, through monitoring, you could see progress and gain confidence in your finances? How much of your life would that affect?

At Harpeth Wealth, we believe that education is a core tenant of trust, confidence, and happiness. All things we feel our clients deserve as a result of their financial stewardship and responsible planning. Our educational program, which starts with our podcast and video content that is free for everyone, is bolstered by regularly scheduled content that goes deeper than traditional planning. Do you have kids or family members that could benefit from financial education and literacy? It is a major piece of that value we deliver.
If you are interested in getting started, please click here to see our fees. We pride ourselves on complete transparency and never want to catch anyone off guard. Our fees are designed to invite anyone at any stage to participate. Find the tier that best suits your needs and there will be a link for you to get started.

If you have a unique need, cannot find a tier that you feel fits your circumstance or would like to apply for our “Monitoring & Education” Scholarship, please click here to contact us!