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How We Do It

Our Process - Harpeth Wealth Partners

Our Process

From our first conversation through every milestone in your life we operate using an established process that will serve you through all of life’s twists and turns. Relying on our proven framework is how we strive to foster confidence and trust from our clients, even in the scariest of times.

Processes include:

Get To Know You

  • We listen to your story and get to know your situation
  • Answer your questions about Harpeth Wealth Partners
  • We lay the framework for a real connection with our clients that will serve as an important foundation for a lifelong relationship
Estate Planning

Understand Your Goals

Understand Your Goals
  • Learn what matters most you (retirement, education, business, etc.)
  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Discuss potential solutions for your specific financial situation

Create a Plan

  • Create your long-term financial road map
  • Recommend portfolio allocations
  • Educate you and ensure you are confident in your investment strategy
  • Review your holistic financial picture and make adjustments when it is necessary
Investment Services

Implement the Plan

Implement the Plan
  • Transition any existing accounts from other locations
  • Build your diversified investment portfolio
  • Build and provide access to your online Harpeth Wealth Client Portal

Manage the Plan

  • Active daily portfolio monitoring and management
  • Periodic portfolio analysis and strategy sessions
  • Provide personal and strategic coaching through major financial decisive points in life (Home buying, sending kids to college, starting a business, tax implications, etc.)
Manage the Plan

Check Out These PDFs to Better Understand Our Financial Planning Process

Our onboarding process is predictable and transparent. You will know where you are every step of the way. You will know when we will discuss fees, ask you to be our client, and know when your plan will be delivered and implemented. We strive to be transparent so you will never be surprised, caught off guard, or feel like we are not sharing with you everything you need to know! Below are PDFs that will help you further understand our process.

  • THE FIRST DOCUMENT should help you while talking to ANY FINANCIAL professional
  • THE SECOND AND THIRD PDFs are meant to provide greater oversight of the Harpeth Wealth process.
  • THE LAST DOCUMENT is a document meant to help you understand some of the documents you should plan to bring to our appointments.

What Should We Talk About and When Should We Talk   (PDF 75 KB )

First Meeting: Our Onboarding Process   (PDF 155 KB )

Second Meeting: Strategy Implementation Agenda   (PDF 146 KB )

Important Docs to Bring/Copy for Your Financial Plan   (PDF 55 KB )

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification and asset allocation does not protect against market risk.

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