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Financial Planning with

Harpeth Wealth Partners

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The Entrepreneurial Dilemma:

Business Owners, Sole Proprietors, and Entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed by the constant juggling between work and family life. Do you sacrifice your well-being, miss important moments, and struggle with financial setbacks?

The Entrepreneurial Solution:

Discover the path to financial security, work-life balance, and a thriving business with Harpeth Wealth’s expert financial planning services. Put yourself first while ensuring your family’s future and avoiding costly financial mistakes. It’s time to take control of your destiny.

We Serve Business Owners, Sole Proprietors, and Entrepreneurs with Families.

Business Owners, Sole Proprietors, and Entrepreneurs

The MINUTE you hire Harpeth Wealth Partners, we launch a multi-front campaign to address your most pressing issues:

Step 1

We initiate planning to address the necessary pieces of your financial ecosystem (personal and business) striving to increase your Financial Security, Peace of Mind, and Wealth.


Step 2

We address business and goal planning. We immediately define where you are today and start tracking and measuring the results in your business, your wealth, goals, and your work life balance.


Step 3

We immediately use our tools to identify vulnerabilities, wasted dollars (usually in tax overpayment), and weaknesses, build a strategic plan to address broken systems and past mistakes and start executing that plan.

Top Gun fighter pilot Col. John Boyd designed the “OODA Loop”. We adapted the process that has created success for United States fighter pilots.

Our system is simple, understandable, and has proven itself effective. It is quickly and easily mastered and implemented to immediately start impacting lives.

The Harpeth Wealth Process

1. Organize

Together, we’ll gather and organize your financial information up front.

Then, our app will help keep your data up-to-date with prompts when things get stale.

2. Analyze

We’ll regularly analyze your financial health scores to identify ways to help you improve.

And each quarter we’ll deliver a report through our app that highlights all the progress you’ve made.

3. Decide

We’ll use your performance summary and progress report to help you decide if any adjustments should be made to your plan.

We’ll share recommendations with you by email, video, or phone.

4. Act

As the point person on your financial plan, your advisor will:

  • Assign action items to our internal team
  • Facilitate conversations with your other service professionals
  • Introduce you to approved industry partners

Financial Review

Begin the discovery process and schedule a meeting with our expert financial advisors.