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Our intention is MASTERY, not masses.

It’s Not Optional… It’s Our Standard Of Care.

Harpeth Wealth Partners is moving on October 1, 2023,
236 3rd Avenue North, Franklin, TN 37064

As fiduciary financial advisors and a team, we help clients pursue their financial goals through personalized and collaborative financial planning. Our team, our culture, and our passion create an unmatched environment for our clients as we strive to serve as premier wealth management consultants for generations to come.

Financial Planning with Harpeth Wealth Partners

Relentless Integrity|Lead with Empathy|Know Our Clients on the Deepest Levels|Educate First|Provide a Fully Implemented Plan Easily Understood|Earn Trust|Leave Nothing in the Dark

Who We Serve

We have experience, tools, and resources that focus on different areas in our clients’ lives. We are focused on being specialists for those in the following stages of life:


Building wealth or funding life goals doesn’t happen by mistake. It takes hard work, good decisions, and a tailored portfolio that is understandable.

We work to define goals, educate, and coach. We help navigate changes in careers, leverage debt or avoid it, and build an efficient life plan.

Harpeth Wealth Partners serve as a compass and map when life shows you new terrain.

Mid-Lifers and Pre-Retirement

At some point in mid-life, we begin to manage more than a budget and income. Many face major decisions, and ever-changing family dynamics.

Do you wonder what life after employment income can look like?

Our financial advisors adapt for these clients and lead them on a path tailored to them.

Harpeth Wealth Partners serve as a compass and map when life shows you new terrain.

Retirees, Work is Optional

It’s finally time for your priorities to become… well, priorities.

Whether it is traveling, time with loved ones, spoiling grandkids, or finally putting some effort into a lifelong hobby, this is your time. We work tirelessly to see that your vision of this part of life becomes reality.

Our financial planners help you understand how to get paid, how to navigate taxes, plan your estate, and gift to those people and places you love most.

We don’t stop until you are confident your legacy will be transitioned exactly as you intend.

Newly Married, New Parents, Pre/Post Divorced, or Recently Widowed

Some of these are more welcomed life events than others but they all represent a major life change that is highly impactful to a lifelong plan.

Harpeth Wealth Partners work to manage more than a portfolio. We manage the person… emotions, anxieties, concerns, and unanswered questions are our top priority.

We do this through adjusting plans when life makes it necessary. We only do that after helping our family find their feet in what is undoubtedly a major decision point in life.

How We Qualify Our Clients: 3 Quick Questions

What problems need to be addressed?

Provide us with the opportunity to prove we are the best financial advisors to help you address your financial issues.

Do you believe your future can be better through hard work?

Our financial advisors provide services to people that aspire to work hard for a better future. We see this often in Parents, Business Owners & Executives, doctors, Music Artists, Athletes, and Entrepreneurs striving for financial freedom.

When you have too much are you eager to give away your excess?

At Harpeth Wealth Partners, we have built a family of clients that are givers at heart and doers at their core.

Understanding Our Financial Planning Tools

Harpeth Wealth Partners have a suite of tools that are available for our clients that are foundations for building out an individualized financial plan. You can get acquainted with a few of them below. Whether you intend to work with us or just exploring, feel free to access these complimentary tools to check up on your financial vital signs.

Clear Financial Plan

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We agree.

We start by creating a visual experience that displays your household: who is important to you, and what resources will be available – both now and in the future – to use towards your financial goals.

Start your Asset Map process to help us make more informed decisions about your future.

Riskalyze It!

Take a quick 2 minutes to understand why we integrate this critical software into the Harpeth Wealth Partners tool kit.

We work to remove the mystery of investing to provide clear, understandable, and personalized strategies that our clients trust. This is a starting point.

Use the button below to access the questionnaire to find your comfort for risk!

Monitoring Financial Vital Signs

A Financial Planning tool that Monitors You!

Have you ever been to the doctor only to find out your blood pressure was a little high? How did you know it was high? My guess is either the doctor told you because he understands what is normal or because you check it often enough to understand what is normal for you.

When we regularly monitor our vital signs, we can see quickly when we are not on a good path, not maintaining our health, or when something unexpected sneaks into our life. Usually, the better we are at monitoring our health, the quicker we can address the problem. The result is generally a smaller course correction that we need to take.

Have you ever met someone that has to completely alter their life because they didn’t monitor their health along the way? Are you monitoring your Financial Vital Signs to understand small adjustments you need to make now and along the way to maintain the financial health you expect?

Learn more about monitoring your Financial Vital Signs by clicking here:

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